This Spring, two Mural Corps classes, headed by Eric Okdeh and Kien Nguyen, are hard at work painting a mural for Anthropologie. The mural will be on display for two months at their flagship store at Rockefeller Center in New York City. This blog is photo and video journal of the students' progress, and was created to capture all of the work that is going into this unique mural making opportunity.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Design Process

Once the Corps groups decided on the poses for the design, we began cutting out the figures and playing with scale, masking, and patterns. We began by choosing patterns in nature and from existing Anthropologie clothing, and incorporating them into the figure. Some figures even had two or three separate patterns and we as a group had to choose the one we liked overall. Then each student began designing the space around the figure, once again incorporating these found patterns.

The process was so detail oriented and meticulous that in the end, the design photoshop file, consisted of close to 100 layers and was 500MB in size!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Design Photoshoot Images

Once we decided to photographs ourselves, we began looking through fashion magazines and art book for poses that we could use as inspiration. For the next week and a half the two classes would hold photoshoots, and leave the images to inspire the next class. The thumbnails below are our best images from the shoots.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Initial Design Meeting

On January 7th, Missy Peltz and her team from Anthropologie paid our Corps class a visit to discuss ideas for our murals theme. Both Corps classes were on hand to contribute as well. The process was very democratic, after we made a list of our ideas, everyone got to vote on the 5 they felt was most important. The themes with the most votes became our focus. In the end the mural's design would
  • relate to fashion/Anthropologie aesthetic
  • reflect creativity
  • make the ordinary extraordinary
  • come from a youth perspective
  • be vibrant and colorful
  • be multilayered
  • incorporate photography
  • be largely figurative
Here is a slideshow of imagery from the afternoon